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You can’t always find a dream pitch for the night. Sometimes you have to spend the night in illuminated parking lots or next to street lights. Or you sleep next to other campers on a campsite. So that we still feel comfortable at night and get a restful sleep, we deal in this blog post with how we can darken our windows or make them opaque.

There are essentially three ways to protect yourself from prying eyes or to darken the car. On the one hand, you can make your own curtains. On the other hand, thermal mats may also make sense. Or you can simply use an opaque window film.

Tinker curtains yourself

The most important element for the curtains is of course the blackout fabric. Here we differentiate between translucent (it protects you from prying eyes) and opaque (it protects you from penetrating light from the outside and at the same time does not let light penetrate outside). Which fabric fits best is up to your needs.

The first thing to do is measure your windows and add a few inches of edge. Now you know how big your curtains have to be to fill the entire window. You can sew the curtains yourself, have them sewn by a tailor or glue them with a fabric glue.

The easiest way is to attach the curtains to the window with strong magnets. If this is not possible with your car, you can also use a T-curtain rail. Here, however, it is important that you sand the adhesive surface on the curtain rail and the body with a nice, rough sandpaper. As a result, the glue adheres better and the curtain rod does not fall off again immediately.

You can find a detailed report on how you can make the curtains yourself here and here.

Tint film

The darkening films are attached to the inside of the vehicle. In addition to the material, the scope of delivery usually also includes a small cutter knife and a squeegee. In addition, you need a spray bottle with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the window surface and another spray bottle with a mixture of water and soap for the optimal application of the film.

First, the windows must be cleaned thoroughly to free them from dust and grease. Then the window and the film are sprayed with the water-soap mixture. Now the damp tint film is attached to the damp glass surface. The film of moisture between the foil and the pane allows you to carefully correct the placement and shift the position a little. Finally, the liquid between the film and the pane is wiped out from the center outwards with the help of the squeegee. If everything is dry after a few days, your windows are perfectly tinted.

It is best if you find out more about the entire tinting process on the website of the film manufacturer and watch a tutorial on YouTube.

Thermal mats

Thermal mats are available to fit exactly depending on the camper model. Most often they are attached to the window with magnets or suction cups. They are not only opaque and light-tight, but also protect the interior from overheating and cooling. You can also use them as a supplement to the existing blackout blinds and, for example, only insulate the windows in the driver’s cab with them.

In our shop we have linked a number of custom-fit thermal mat sets.

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