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How have you listed the questions asked here. You may already achieve your goal with these answers.

If not, please contact us directly. Simply write us an email to info@mobiles-bett.de.

How long will it take to be ready to leave?

We store all camping items in appropriate storage boxes. We need about 15 minutes to put the bed frame, the mattress and the storage boxes in the car.

Which cars are suitable for the car beds?

The trunk should have a minimum size of 414mm x 1100mm x 750mm. If you cannot find your car model on our site, you can use the instructions for the vans as a basis and adapt them to your car. Just write us an email and we will find a solution.

Fit two single beds side by side in a car

Yes. You can put two single beds side by side in a trunk. Two single beds next to each other are comparable to our combi bed.

Are the mattresses lying directly on the scaffolding?

1 cm thick chipboard is placed in the folding mattress. These prevent sagging between the scaffolding struts.

How much weight is allowed for the bed?

We cannot state the absolute stability of our bed. This depends on various factors. Among other things, how “professionally” the bed was assembled and what density is the wood used.

Can I improve the stability?

Our building instructions describe a completely usable car bed. Of course, you can also individually extend, modify or stabilize your bed.

Are there drawers to organize the luggage?

We use suitable dust boxes to organize the luggage. The storage boxes can be used directly to store your camping gear, e.g. to be stowed in the basement and stored until the next trip.

Can the bed damage my car interior?

Just like any transported object, our camping bed can also leave drivers and other traces in the interior. To avoid this, you will find rubber mats in our shop to put under or to protect the interior.

How is the bed transported?

Of course, the bed must be secured for transport in accordance with the current traffic regulations. For the journey we push the bed together in our trunk. We only take it off for camping.

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