The long wait ends. It’s finally started again. Get out of everyday life and into the next adventure. But as soon as you sit in the car you wonder how long the journey will be. Sometimes you are lucky and the route itself is very interesting and varied. But sometimes you have an hour-long monotonous drive ahead of you.

In order to sweeten the journey a little and not to waste the time completely, we have put together a few tips for a good entertainment for your trip in this article.

Audio Books

On long journeys, the topic of conversation can run out. It gets even more difficult when you travel alone. If you have no one to talk to, a long journey can quickly turn into what feels like an endless journey.

Audiobooks can help here. There are thousands of exciting topics and stories that are worth listening to. Good audio books are varied, distract from the driving time and you can still learn something.

No matter where we’re going, how long the drive will be, when we come back from our road trips, we not only got to know many new beautiful places, we also learned something from the books. Just give it a try.


Music is perhaps the most beautiful accompaniment. It not only lifts the mood, some songs also remind us again and again of beautiful moments and places.

Unfortunately, the radio doesn’t always play our favorite songs and sometimes the moderation after each song is even more annoying. Abroad, there is also the fact that you don’t even understand them.

In order to still experience an undisturbed musical accompaniment on your journey, you can fall back on certain music portals. Once registered, you always have the best hits with you and can listen to your favorite album anytime, anywhere.

Movies & Series

You don’t always have the luck to travel in the best weather. Sometimes you just have to sit out bad weather and rain showers, especially if you are on the road a little longer.

Films and series can really help to get through the bad weather phase so that it doesn’t affect the mind too much. You can now find internet reception almost everywhere, or you can connect to WiFi networks, or you can download a few emergency films before you leave. So nothing stands in the way of the mini cinema and the bad weather is quickly overcome.

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