The Mobiles Bett Forest

We are convinced that our earth should be home to everyone and that humans, all living beings and the nature should live together in harmony. Or at best, if you take something from nature, you should give back what you have taken in some way or another.

In our case, all car beds can be built with natural untreated wood. So, if the convertible beds we make are responsible for the fact that wood is used, we also want to ensure that at least the same amount can grow back again. This is why we plant at least one tree at Plant4Planet for every pattern sold.

Over time, thisway a large forest will be planted. A forest means that the trees planted will spread further through their seeds and more trees will grow. Where many trees grow, there will be many other plants, and where many different plants are found, there will be many animals. This creates an ecosystem and a functioning forest ecosystem:

cleans our air, so it stores a lot of CO2 and produces oxygen.

– absorbs precipitation and slowly releases the moisture back into the environment, thus regulating the water cycle.

– provides shade, so cools the atmosphere.

Did you know that all life on earth can only arise due to the very sensitive and thin top layer of earth?
This nutrient-rich top layer of soil is just 50cm thick and is only found near trees. Consequently, trees are the basis of all life above sea level. There were once around 6,000 billion trees on earth. Unfortunately, humans have now cut down half and there are only 3,000 billion trees left.

The good news: Recent research shows that up to 1,000 billion trees can be restored without competing with agriculture and settlements. Once these 1,000 billion trees are fully grown, they could absorb about 25 to 30 percent of all human CO2 emissions to date. In addition, species extinction can be avoided, local water quality improved and erosion reduced.

And we can continue to travel through fantastic landscapes and beautiful scenery with our camper.

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