Camping Blog

In our blog we show you everything you need to know for your first camping holiday. Even professional campers will find some good inspiration and tips for their next trip here. Through our blog, we want to give as many people as possible the freedom to travel independently. Because these were and are the most beautiful moments that you will never forget.

Do-It-Yourself Camper Bed

Finally the weekend and the weather service predicts the best weather. Then there's no stopping it. You quickly throw your seven things in the car and off you go! Out into nature, on a road trip or spontaneously visiting friends. Our bed is made for this ...

Optimise mattress

In this blog post, we will show you a few ideas on how you can optimise the bed system, especially the lying surface, with little effort. With the following tips you can save weight and the mattress element is more comfortable to handle.

Window privacy screen

You can’t always find a dream pitch for the night. Sometimes you have to spend the night in illuminated parking lots or next to street lights. Or you sleep next to other campers on a campsite. So that we still feel comfortable at night and get a restful sleep, we deal in this ...

Camping Checklist

The anticipation is great and you can hardly wait for the trip. But before you can really jump into the next adventure, some preparations have to be made. So that you can get started with peace of mind, we have created this detailed checklist for you ...


The long wait ends. It's finally started again. Get out of everyday life and into the next adventure. But as soon as you sit in the car you wonder how long the journey will be. Sometimes you are lucky and the route itself is very interesting and varied. But sometimes you have an ...

The Mobiles Bett Forest

We are convinced that our earth should be home to everyone and that humans, all living beings and the nature should live together in harmony. Or at best, if you take something from nature, you should give back what you have taken in some way or another. In our case, all car beds...

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